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Monday, 22 September 2008 20:49

The Nissan GTR is the new benchmark for affordable super cars.  Staggering performance in both acceleration and handling.  The styling and interior appointments are a touch controversial, but very "gearhead cool".  All at a cheaper than a Corvette Z06 price tag. 

You could be having trouble finding a Nissan dealer that sells the new GTR.  But wait a minute, the GTR is a Nissan, therefore ANY Nissan dealer should be able to sell you one, right?  Nope.  Actually, if you are a Nissan dealer that would like to sell the new GTR, you have to pay Nissan $25,000.00 just for the right to sell the car.  Re-read the last sentence to properly digest it.  It does get worse for the Nissan dealer.  If you as the dealer, pony-up the $25 large for the opportunity to sell the GTR, you still have to send one of your sales people to a week long training class just for orientation on selling the GTR.  Can you imagine the bar bill along with the other expenses, least another $2000.?

I've saved the best 'till last.  If your Nissan dealership has all the normal car dealership tools and equipment in the shop, some of them either have to be tossed out or replaced.  Your alignment rack....too high for the GTR.  A new super low version needs to be installed at pavement level.  This means breaking up a bunch of old concrete to lay new, and then install the new alignment rack.  How about a normal car dealership lift?  Not a chance of working with the super low super car.  A new low low version of a car lift needs to be installed.  Total for these shop "updates" comes to approximately $50,000.00.  Re-read THAT last sentence to properly digest it along with the other financial digestables mentioned earlier.  Oh, I almost forgot, you need to send one of your shop techs to special GTR training too.  Another few grand out of pocket.

Even if you do pay Nissan the 25k; do the shop mods at $50k; and send a sales person off for a week at Nissan GTR University, send one of your shop techs out for training, you will only get a couple of GTR's a year to sell to help you make a small profit and recoup some of your investment.  How long will it take to break even?  About five years, I'm told.  Now you know why the new Nissan GTR's are going for $5000. to $10,000 over sticker price.

It could be worse for the consumer, I know factually, that a Chevy dealer near home has sold two Corvette ZR1's for over $200,000. each.  Makes a GTR at 10k over sticker look like a bargain, doesn't it? 

As an update to this article, Nissan has temporarily stopped production of the GTR.  Rumors abound as to what caused the stoppage.  Parts price hikes, retooling of portions of the assembly line, or other minor problems could be the cause. 


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